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    Welcome: Guangzhou YOONDON Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
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    Company profile

    Company profile

    Guangzhou Yongdeng Lighting Electrical Co. Ltd is LED dimming system leading suppliers and service providers, is currently in the wireless dimming system (ZigBee, WIFI, 2.4GHz), silicon controlled light power supply, 0-10V power supply, DALI dimming dimming and PWM dimming power supply, led dimmer,dimmable led driver,wireless dimming power (ZigBee, WIFI, 2.4GHz),led dimmer, intelligent lighting and other fields in the field of engineering leading position. Yongdeng light dimming control products stable, smooth, no flicker, is compatible with all kinds of dimming system, such as: Lu Chon...


    Our service advantage

    The leading domestic LED dimming products suppliers and service providers; High - quality, cost - effective, competitive prices; Product dimming stability, no flicker, no noise, compatible with all kinds of dimming system; To provide customers with strict project protection or customer protection, remove the worries.